Baobab on "Humanitarian Aid: Adapt or Renounce"

Montag, 23 März, 2009


A critical look at humanitarian aid today

Author of the book Humanitaire: S'adapter ou renoncer (*), Dr P. Micheletti, veteran of humanitarian aid, will expose his vision on humanitarian aid today. How has the image of humanitarian aid, which has been strong and positive in the past, deteriorated to the extent that the action space is reduced and insecurity notably affects humanitarians? Do we have to change our way of being to continue to operate? Are we at the end of an era or just in a cyclical turmoil? After a presentation, the debate will be opened to the floor.

(*) Ed. Hachette. 2008. 245 pages. Available at the IDC.

Guest speaker

  • Dr Pierre Micheletti (President of Médecins du Monde)