Baobab on "Nutrition"

Donnerstag, 13 Januar, 2011


The management of malnutrition: How far must/will MSF go?

The famine in Niger in 2005 was the starting point to improve MSF's knowledge and capacities to respond to severe malnutrition. Today, MSF participates in large scale projects aiming to prevent severe malnutrition (Niger) and has developed an awareness campaign on the need to change food aid practices.

This raises questions on the role of a medical humanitarian organisation in the management of malnutrition. Is MSF’s role to work in prevention? Are we missing the point by pushing for a medical response when malnutrition is mainly a social and economic problem? We are not the World Ministry of Health, so why are we promoting global recommendations?


  • Stéphane Doyon (CAME)
  • Séverine Ramon (MSF Switzerland)