Baobab on "Serious Adverse Events"

Donnerstag, 21 November, 2013
© Julie Remy

It is traditionally accepted that the relationship between the patient and the care-giver must be based on trust to be effective, fair and responsible. The patient has to be an actor of his/her health and access to information related to his/her health is a prerequisite to be able to fully assume the role of actor. Is this valid in the case of a Serious Adverse Event (SAE)? Imagine one second that, in an MSF project, a baby dies because MSF staff injected the wrong drug through the wrong route (IV instead of IM). What to tell to the father who asks MSF staff what happened? If nobody out of MSF staff is conscious that the death is not an expected outcome for that specific patient, should MSF say something to somebody? In addition to the medical ethics, the legal and cultural contexts may assist or force MSF to choose the best attitude and response to those questions. The complexity of the questions and the stakes deserve a debate.



To launch the debate we will count on three perspectives of experts:

  • Ethics, with Dr Samia Hurst, bioethicist
  • Legal with Severine Evrard, Legal advisor and Mediator
  • Anthropological with Doris Burtscher, specialist in medical anthropology

Animated by Jean-Marc Biquet





Time and place

21 November 2013

11.00 to 13.00

Room Leh


Other information

MSF staff only.