Baobab on "Social networks"

Freitag, 1 Juli, 2011


Social networks and MSF: An asset or a threat?

The recent events in the Arab world have shown the potential power of this means of communication. Social networks can be used to promote the image of the institution and to raise funds. They can also represent a very practical tool that can be used to assist missions to fulfill their operational ambitions (e.g. SMS alert system for epidemiological data). However, these powerful communication tools also involve risks and threats (e.g. loss of control over the use of a message, inappropriate private use may harm the image and acceptance of MSF, etc.). MSF no longer tries to control the "private" use of social networks by its staff, but it seeks to make each of us aware of our responsibilities on the potential risks.


  • Erwin Vantland (Communications Coordinator, International Office)
  • Lionel Rivière (Online Strategist, MSF Switzerland)