Can oral cholera vaccination play a role in controlling a cholera outbreak?

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Chaine J.-P. et al.
Vol. 22, Nr. 19, S. 2444-2451

Control measures to limit the spread of a cholera outbreak in Pohnpei Island (Micronesia), included mass vaccination with the single-dose live-attenuated oral cholera vaccine CVD 103-HgR as a potential adjunct measure. The outbreak provided a unique opportunity to evaluate the practicality of use and effectiveness of this vaccine. Under field conditions encountered in Pohnpei, crude vaccine efficacy was estimated at 79.2% (95% CI: 71.9–84.6%) in the target population. Retrospective analysis suggests that mass vaccination with oral cholera vaccines can be a useful adjunct tool for controlling outbreaks, particularly if implemented early in association with other standard control measures.