Fleeing the Violence in Syria: Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

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Abu Dhabi: Médecins sans Frontières

While Lebanon has absorbed tens of thousands of refugees fleeing the conflict in neighboring Syria in recent months, many people are living in overcrowded conditions, suffering psychological distress, are fearful for their safety, and are unable to afford medical care.

This report details the living conditions and health of the refugees and the major challenges facing them, including access to housing, food, water, sanitation, health care, and security. Most refugees are settling in economically disadvantaged regions of Lebanon, placing an additional burden on already overstretched resources. Gaps are appearing in refugees’ access to medical care, particularly hospital care and treatment for chronic diseases.

Of the 5,000 refugees interviewed by MSF, three-quarters fled Syria as a direct result of the conflict and 40 percent have lost family members to the violence. The majority say they have not found the security they sought.