"Haiti: the impossible reconstruction" Debate

Sonntag, 16 März, 2014
© Mathieu Fortoul

On 12 January 2010, the earthquake that ravaged southern Haiti killed nearly two hundred thousand people. In the following days, the whole world (international organizations in particular) arrived to stand at the bedside of this small country, which was already one of the poorest and the recipient of the most aid. Five billion dollars were raised, eleven promised by governments. The mantra of reconstruction obsessed all those who rushed to this land by nature so chaotic. Four years later while NGOs and partner governments began to tire of what many considered a lost cause, the record remains mixed. The UN mission that unfolded over more than ten years in Haiti is mostly judged through the filter of a cholera epidemic blamed on Nepalese peacekeepers. At the same time, most of the promised funds have not been released while one in two Haitians continues to go hungry. An experiment in universal compassion and development strategy, Haiti has become a symbol of the failure of international aid. Once a pioneer of independence revolutions (1804), this state has been further weakened following the earthquake. Is it not time, when examining the crucial issue of deferred reconstruction, to give voice to the Haitians themselves? (Arnaud Robert).



  • Jean-Marc Biquet
  • Elisabeth Diaz
  • Mario Joseph
  • Michael Khambatta
  • Ricardo Seitenfus 

Moderated by Arnaud Robert


Time and place

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Grütli Simon
16, rue du Général Dufour
1204 Geneva


Other information

International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights (FIFDH), co-presented with MSF, the Prix Martin Ennals, Arte and the DGVS.


"Assistance mortelle"

The debate will take place following the screening of the film “Assistance Mortelle” by Raoul Peck (2013, France).