Le développement, une affaire d’ONG ? Associations, Etats et bailleurs dans le monde arabe

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edited by Abu-Sada C. & Challand B.
Paris: Khartala; Aix-en- Provence: IREMAM, Beyrouth: IFPO

Most Arab regimes are now facing extreme pressure from their populations. Their authoritarianism, as well as their ability to produce development and social welfare, are being questioned, while unemployment, social insecurity and poverty are making their societies more fragile. How do development associations, which have proliferated in recent years, participate in the new situation created by the "Arab Spring" of 2011?

The authors of this book seek to understand the dynamics that have led a variety of associations to give themselves missions, which had been incumbent upon states for decades. What are the complex relationships that link them to "the construction of public action" in the Arab countries that were surveyed (Morocco, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and to a lesser extent, Palestine)?

This book analyzes the varying relationships that civil society actors have with politics, public affairs, state power and international donors. The authors pay attention to the "real" stories of certain development projects, without giving in to the sirens of theories on the virtues of civil society and without considering the associative world as a monolithic whole.