Interventions armées humanitaires: injustifiables…

Humanitarian action, as Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) conceives it today, is intended to provide relief to populations in danger, and not to add war to war. It must be – in its discourse but especially in practice – neutral, impartial and independent of political powers or state or personal interests. This means that, as a medical and humanitarian organization, it must be able aid all of those in need, regardless of their side, depending on needs and not on any other criteria. MSF cannot determine who the perpetrators are and who the victims are.

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Myanmar: la situation sanitaire est catastrophique

Myanmar is a particularly difficult context for MSF’s humanitarian action: access to those in need is possible "at the cost of a permanent contortion exercise between the respect of our principles as humanitarian actors (...) and the willingness to effectively implement our solidarity". Access to health services remains extremely difficult: In district hospitals and health centers, administrative, logistical and financial barriers, as well as discrimination, make access to health care "almost virtual" for the Burmese....

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MSF: l’action humanitaire en Irak ne doit pas avoir d’"agenda caché"

As part of the preparations for the war in Iraq, a "humanitarian component" is currently being organized by the U.S. government and the military. In this article, Jean-Marc Biquet expresses his concern over the military following humanitarians once again during an armed intervention. According to him, humanitarian action must not have a "hidden agenda", but must remain a process in itself, with the sole objective of alleviating the suffering of populations. Today, however, this action is increasingly subject to the political objectives of certain governments.

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