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The Research Unit on Humanitarian Stakes and Practices (UREPH or Research Unit) of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Switzerland was created in 2006 and aims to improve the way MSF projects are implemented in the field and to participate in critical thinking on humanitarian and medical action, notably by producing publications and organizing conferences and debates.

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New publication: "The Ebola clinical trials: a precedent for research ethics in disasters"

30 August 2016: UREPH is pleased to announce the publication in the Journal of Medical Ethics of this article by Philippe Calain.

New publication: "Defective interfering genomes and Ebola virus persistence"

17 August 2016: UREPH is pleased to announce the publication of this letter in The Lancet by Philippe Calain, Laurent Roux & Daniel Kolakofsky .

Roundtable on "Saving lives and staying alive"

9 June 2016: Roundtable on the new MSF publication "Saving lives and staying alive" with Michaël Neuman of the CRASH.

Workshop: Humanitarian Action and Ethics

26-27 May 2016: Presentation by James Smith and Tammam Aloudat on "The Ethics of Compromise in Medical Humanitarian Response"

"Red Lines": Film and debate

13 April 2016: Panel discussion with Caroline Abu Sa'Da following the screening

Presentation on "MSF and the Syrian crisis"

22 March 2016: Discussion with Caroline Abu Sa'Da. Organized by the "Réseau Santé pour tous" of the HUG.

New publication: "Opportunities, limits and challenges of perceptions studies for humanitarian contexts"

21 March 2016: UREPH is pleased to announce the publication of this article by Elysée Nouvet et al. (Caroline Abu Sa'Da), published in the Canadian Journal of Development Studies.