Baobab on "Certification and Core Humanitarian Standards”

Thursday, 11 December, 2014

For 2 years, majors NGOs assisted by Western donor countries and umbrella organizations working on "the quality" of aid have invested a lot of energy to reach a real breakthrough on the improvement of the aid sector. On December 12th, these efforts should lead to the delivery of 2 new position papers on:

  • CERTIFICATION: Evaluations of the humanitarian response to the Tsunami (2005) and to the earthquake in Haiti (2010), for instance, pointed out the lack of professionalism of some aid actors (international or national NGOs). One way to tackle this is to make sure that aid actors are, after an audit, certified "good professional organization", in order to have access to all the "facilities" the traditional aid sector offers (funds, coordination, access to information...).
  • CORE HUMANITARIAN STANDARDS: In parallel, with the aim to improve the quality and accountability of aid action, almost the same actors worked on the list of commitments that organizations must take to prove that they are serious actors vis-à-vis affected populations, donors and the public opinion.

We must be aware and eventually know what to respond to these discussions. What are these initiatives? What is at stake? What MSF thinks of them? The debate will enable us to understand what is notably mobilizing so much energy from other stakeholders in the aid sector and to openly discuss and feed an MSF reflection! ... The occasion to learn, to debate and to know why we struggle each day...



To launch the debate we will count on the perspective of:

  • Emmanuel Tronc, Humanitarian Advocacy & Representation Coordinator. MSF-International

Animated by Jean-Marc Biquet


Time and place

11 December 2014

11.00 to 13.00

Room Leh


Other information

MSF staff only.