Baobab on "Corporate Fundraising"

Tuesday, 21 June, 2011


Corporate fundraising at MSF: Which policy, which safeguards?

 Corporate fundraising is a potential source of funds for MSF that the movement (and therefore the Swiss section) has decided to explore more actively. Although there are no clear figures available, nearly 3.3% of all private donations for MSF Switzerland already come from the corporate sector. Most experts agree that the flow of corporate resources earmarked for non-profit programs is on the rise.

MSF has always paid special attention to the origin of its income, and this "new" investment sector is not an exception. The questions are the following: From which companies or economic sectors do we accept funds? What are the criteria used to determine what is acceptable and what is not? What are the mechanisms in place to deal with "borderline" situations? What is the expected income from this segment of donors?


  • Jordi Passola (Fundraising Coordinator, International Office)
  • Catherine Christ-Revaz (Corporate fundraiser, MSF Switzerland)
  • Laurent Sauveur (Communications and Fundraising Director, MSF Switzerland)