Françoise Duroch – Head of the Research Unit on Humanitarian Stakes and Practices

Françoise Duroch holds a PhD in Social Sciences from University Lyon 2 and two Master’s degrees (in History, Law and Human Rights from the University Pierre Mendès France in Grenoble, and in Educational Sciences from Lyon 2).

Françoise Duroch started working in the field in 1995 in Bosnia, Kenya and Nigeria, amongst others. She spent over 15 years researching gender-based violence before occupying various positions such as Project Coordinator, Research Coordinator and Project Manager. She was also a lecturer in a master’s course at the University of Geneva and a consultant for various international organizations. After working on informed consent and the issue of sexual harassment and abuse, she now heads the UREPH since 2018.

Duncan Mclean – Senior Researcher

Duncan Mclean has a long experience managing operations with MSF in both field and HQ in a diverse array of contexts. Beginning in 2002 these included the posts of Project Coordinator, Head of Mission, and Program Manager (Thailand, Myanmar, Sudan, Nepal, Pakistan, Chad, Palestine, Somalia, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Haiti, Nigeria and Uganda).

Since leaving operations in 2013 Duncan Mclean has collaborated with MSF on a number of dossiers such as critical incident reviews, context analyses in Syria and DRC, and support to the SIMM project with the BI. He also contributed chapters to MSF book publications Saving Lives and Staying Alive and The Politics of Fear.

Duncan Mclean holds a Master’s degree in Political Science and a PhD in history. In parallel to his MSF-related research, he has worked with International Crisis Group and lectured at several universities in Prague, focusing on epidemiological and colonial history, and conflict studies. He joined the editorial committee of the Journal of Humanitarian Affairs in 2019.

Corentine Berthet – Supply Chain Sustainability Coordinator

Corentine Berthet holds two Master's degrees (Private Law from the University of Lyon III and Management of Franco-German Organisations from the University of Metz), as well as a degree in Corporate Social Responsibility from the University of Geneva.

After working for a few years as a buyer in the private sector, she started working with MSF in 2010 in supply chain management in Uganda and Congo among others, and then at headquarters. She joined the UREPH in 2019 as part of a reflection on the environmental impact of MSF Switzerland’s operational practices. She is also involved in a project aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of the MSF movement and is focused on the improvement of the sustainability of the supply chain.
Amy Mavor – Assistant Publishing & Editing

Amy Mavor holds a Master’s degree in Modern European Languages from the University of Edinburgh as well as a Master’s degree in Translation, Localisation and Multilingual and Multimedia Communication from the University of Rennes 2. Before joining the UREPH, Amy Mavor worked in a variety of sectors as a translator, proofreader, content manager and copywriter.